About Loki

Loki - The God of Mischief

Known flying high amongst the gods, and swooping down to enjoy earthly time in human form, Loki knows no rules or boundaries – all he seeks is pleasure, in whatever shape or form the universe might present it to him.

His joy brings ample good fortune, yet his discomfort shakes the earth’s very core. Often referred to as the trickster god, Loki knows no limits when it comes to achieving what he set out to do – tempting fate and leaving his mark on celestial beings and humans alike.

And that brings us to the idea behind Loki, a thrilling casino that takes no half measures in presenting what it set out to do: breathe new life into online casinos whilst offering a superior gaming experience fit for a god, or simply put - an online experience that deserves your trust.

Armed with the latest technology, and a handful of almighty power, Loki welcomes you to his playground – a seductive spot for hedonist players to gather for a cause and claim the wealth they truly deserve.

Be aware that Loki is not just another character, he will in fact be watching and guiding your play and he will be the one to overrule the House in your time of need. The only thing he asks in return? Never appeal to him in vain.

Are you ready to join Loki on the ultimate quest and harness the unbridled fury of the heavens in return for fame and fortune? There’s only one way to find out.