• Loki's in-browser location-detection technology is a perfect complement to Praized's local search platform. We wanted an easy solution that integrated well with our technology to enable all Praized communities to easily provide search and discovery of new local merchants and places respective to their users location. Users simply update their current location with the Loki plugin and search recommendations adapt accordingly to instantly recommend new local destinations

    Sylvain Carle,
    CTO, Praized
  • Given the nature of the restaurant business, Loki.com is a great tool for Dotmenu. Loki.com is incredibly useful to us. We have restaurants all over the country, so we need to help our users sort through that information. Loki.com improves our user's experience by automatically customizing content so that it shows users restaurants in their area.

    Michael Saunders,
    President, Dotmenu
  • Loopt connects users with friends and the world around them using location, the defining element of mobile. With Loki, we can now extend that capability to our Facebook application, making it easier for our users to share their location from the web with all of their Facebook friends.

    Sam Altman,
    CEO, Loopt

Loki is a browser plugin that determines the precise location of website visitors. Websites are taking advantage of location to improve local search functionality, store finders, social networking, and more.

Local Search

  • Simply and automatically determine a visitor's location down to street address level
  • Deliver more accurate and contextually relevant search results
  • Offer instant routing from the user to the result

Store & Product Finders

  • Drive sales by navigating visitors to the nearest store with the least amount of friction
  • Display nearby promotions and popular products to help drive sales
  • Reduce clicks and data-input between the user and store location

Social Media

  • Enable highly targeted friend finders and serendipitous meet-ups
  • Display events and activities closest to the user at any time
  • Connect online users in the real world